What we do

  • We provide practical information to harvesters in Ontario: Whether you are a seasoned harvester of forest foods or new to the wild-crafting trade, we provide you with information to improve your recreational or business harvest. Our website brings together documents on various aspects of the sector and provides links to further resources you can consult.
  • We stay on top of regulatory affairs: On its website OFFFA provides an overview of government regulations that apply to the harvest and sale of wild-crafted food products. There are only few federal or provincial regulations that directly apply to the sector in Ontario, but many regulations do need to be considered or might apply indirectly to the industry. OFFFA will keep you up to date about any changes in regulations that may affect your wild-crafting activities. Besides an overview of official regulations, we have produced a set of guidelines that set out how the ethical, fair and sustainable harvest of forest and freshwater foods in our province should look like.
  • We promote fair standards for those involved in commercial harvest: OFFFA wishes to be a leading go-to source for information about the harvest of wild edibles in Ontario – we share information that sets high standards for fair and environmentally sound practices in the sector. When we represent the sector, we emphasize fairness in business and stress the need for an environmental and social sustainable use of Ontario’s natural resources.
  • We discuss Ontario specific concerns: We are here to discuss and address concerns that are specific to Ontario’s forest and freshwater foods. We want to see the development of a wild-crafting practice in Ontario based on respect for the land, a durable relationship to our natural resources and a practice that is to the greatest possible benefit to the people who harvest the foods.