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The Ontario Forest and Freshwater Foods Association has been set up in an effort to reach out to harvesters of Forest and Freshwater Foods in Ontario. Whether you are commercially active in the wild food trade, a novice or experienced harvester, the association provides information and support. Ultimately, we wish to build a solid network of individuals, organizations and businesses focused on the needs of Ontario’s communities as we expand the sustainable harvest of forest and freshwater foods in our province together.

The harvest of so-called “wild food” has great potential to contribute to sustainable regional food economies in Northern Ontario. An increased consumption of forest foods will lead to healthier diets. The local harvest of wild-crafted foods will fortify relationships to traditional territories for aboriginal groups and may conserve or revive a community’s knowledge of nature’s edible bounty.

Hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of foods are wild harvested from Canada’s forests and lakes each year. The commercialization of wild-crafted foods is growing in popularity but Ontario – with its vast landmass – remains under-represented. Most income-generating opportunities in the sector are casual, seasonal and often time-consuming harvesting activities, though profitable enterprises may grow from this.

The association plays a role in synthesizing and facilitating the knowledge of foods growing across the different ecologies in Ontario while educating the general public on restrictions.

The website has a number of pages that are only accessible to members. The member-only information is more specifically of interest to people who wish to commercialize their wild-crafting.  We also create information sheets describing how, whatwhen and where to harvest specific foods in Ontario. To become a member is easy and at no cost to you – simply fill out the registration form here. Your membership helps us establish a network of individuals, organizations, communities and businesses in Ontario who are interested in growing the forest food sector responsibly, ethically and sustainably.

OFFFA’s board members, Jonathan Forbes, Michael Nelson and Denise Bolduc have each been promoting the harvest of wild edibles in our province for numerous years. With the generous support of Carrot Cache we have been able to formalize their efforts and incorporate the Ontario Forest and Freshwater Foods Association. We would like to thank Carrot Cache for their support and partnership as we continue our efforts to promote the sustainable harvest of forest foods as a way to strengthen regional food economies in Ontario.

The contents of this website are a work in progress – to receive updates, register with OFFFA and we will notify you when new content is made available.

We look forward to connecting with you!

The OFFFA team

email us: info@onforestfoods.net