The Association’s Mission:

The association facilitates the participation of remote and rural communities, Indigenous people and community organizations in the harvest, production and access to markets for forest and freshwater foods in Ontario. The durability of the food, the sustainability of the environment in which they grow and the well-being of the people that harvest and eat Ontario’s forest and freshwater foods is our priority. Through our website we improve access to information, promote fair prices for Ontario harvesters and encourage environmentally sound practices.

A Vision for Ontario’s Forest and Freshwater Foods:

  • The rights and title of Aboriginal people to the harvest of forest and freshwater foods in Ontario are recognized and the Traditional Territories of First Nations are respected and no access is assumed without prior consultation and consent from the people to whom the land belongs.
  • Forest and freshwater foods are harvested responsibly and traded ethically.  Their harvest aids us in monitoring and caring for our forest and lakes better.
  •  ‘Local resources, for local people’ is a common sense practice. Forest foods are enjoyed by rural and remote communities, and youth know how to identify, harvest and prepare them.
  • The value of forest and freshwater foods is appreciated and respected by those who may wish to use the forest and lakes in other ways.The harvest of forest foods is a profitable activity, benefiting rural and remote communities economically. The sector upholds highly ethical business standards and each person along the wild food chain receives or pays a fair price.